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The first advertising catalogue
for jewelry in Bulgaria has been issued
since 2003 in periodicity
of 4 issues per year and has the idea
to unite the efforts of designers,
producers and dealers to create connections, contacts and new opportunities
for more beneficial manifestation by
following the fashion trends and
the dynamic of the market.
On its pages are represented
companies that are producers and
dealers in gold and silver jewelry,
precious and semi-precious stones,
watches, consumables,
materials and technologies.

Advertising and publishing house
“ZENITZA-NDA” has a constantly
updated database and
circulates the catalogue free of charge
to all jewelry companies in the country. “JEWELLER” is also circulated at
international exhibitions and
other forums of the jeweler art like: Mineralientage - München, Germany;
Hodiny & Klenoty - Praha, Czech Republic; GeMin - Athens, Greece;
Jewelry exhibition in Istanbul, Turkey;
Jelery Salon - Odessa, Ukraine;
Sibjewelry - Novosibirsk, Russia;
Jubinale - Cracow, Poland;
Jewelry Expo – Plovdiv etc.
Our issues are regularly sent
to a number of companies in
Germany, Czech Republic, Greece,
Turkey, Macedonia, Russia, Ukraine,
Poland, Spain etc.

“JEWELLER” is a reserved trade mark of Advertising-publishing house “ZENITZA-NDA” with registration No. 52509 of the Patent office of the Republic of Bulgaria in the jewelry advertising and all projects used in the editions are with reserved copyrights.
The advertising business catalogue “JEWELLER“ through the Bulgarian national ISSN-centre participates in the automated International Serials Data System /ISDN/ at the International ISSN-centre in Paris.
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